Who is Design Your Tie?
Design Your Tie is a custom necktie company specializing in custom neckties

How do I get Started?
To get started simply fill out the Get Started form

What is the Get Started form?
The Get Started form will provide Design Your Tie basic information for us to email you the
computer generated mockup of your desired necktie with your desired colors.

How do I receive a computer generated mockup?
Simply fill out the get started form and we will email you with a link on how to view
your designs when avaliable.

How long does it take to receive a mockup?
Mockups are emailed usually mailed to you within 1-3 business days. However, some mockups
make take up to 5 days. We do not fax or mail mockups.
It has been over 5 days and I have not received my mock up?
You may (1) email us or (2) call us at 1.877.240.8500 to ensure that we received your information.
You may also resubmit your information again through the Get Started form.

Once I receive my computer generated mockup, what are the next steps? If you are satisfied with the computer generated mock up then you are ready to proceed with
production of your order. You can place your order online or by phone. If you are not satisfied
you can request revisions either through the link provided or via phone.

How do I request revisions to my computer mock up designs?
You can request revisions through the link provided or via phone.

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How do match my wedding colors?
You can either (1) Mail us a swatch or (2) provide us with the pantone matching system(PMS) number. For more information please visit matching our color matching page. Pantone color books can be found at your local print shop or color matching. Please provide the pantone number from solid coated guide or Pantone Wedding Book.

What if I do not have a swatch or cannot find a Pantone Matching System number (PMS)?
First, we recommend that you visit your Fedex Office or print store and view their solid coated formula guide. If a swatch or pantone color is not provided then we will match the colors directly from the computer design provided to you. Please note that colors may vary on each computer due to different computer monitor settings.

Can I receive an actual pre-production sample to be sure the colors exactly match prior to placing the full order?
Sure you can order a pre-production swatch ($30) or pre-production tie ($99) plus shipping.

Do you charge for color matching?
No. Color matching is free.

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Do you offer free monogramming?
Yes. Only for the front of the tie. Customizing the rear label on the back of the tie is an additional $40 fee. See pricing page

What information can be monogrammed on a the tie?
You can include the bride and groom's name, initials, wedding date, a logo, or symbol.

Can I add a different groomsmen's name to the front of the each tie?
Unfortunately, you are not able to do this. All ties must be exactly the same. You do have the option any text you desire (as long as spacing is available). So you can add all the groomsmen's name to the tie

Can I order 2 different patterns in my wedding package?
Unfortunately, you are not able to do this. All ties in the wedding package must be the same must be exactly the time.

Can I order a different tie for the groom?
Yes. However, this tie is not included in the wedding package. There is an additional $100 fee for the 1 tie.

Can I add a photo to my tie?
Not for the wedding packages. All ties in the wedding package are woven. This is a silk screen printed process that requires a minimum of 50 or more ties.

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Are the ties woven or silk screened?
All wedding ties are woven. All text, logos, and/or symbols are woven into the fabric.

What are the sizes for neckties, vests, boys, etc?
Please visit are size chart for a list of all sizes. We offer sizes from 6 months - 5XL.

Do all 10 ties in the wedding package have to be the same pattern and design?
Yes. All 10 ties must be exactly the same. However, you are able to have any combination of bowties, neckties, and kids ties.

Can I order a different tie for the groom not included in the 10 custom tie wedding package?
Yes. However, this tie is not included in the wedding package. There is an additional $100 fee for the 1 tie.

Can I combine items in 10 custom item wedding package?
You can only combine items in the 10 custom tie or 10 custom bowtie package. Bowties and Neckties are the only items can be combined in 1 package. These 2 packages can include any combination of neckties, bowties, or kids sizes. Kids sizes are available in all packages. In the 10 vest package, all 10 items must vests. In the 10 wedding pocket square package, all items must be pocket squares.

Can I order a different design for my vest and for my neckties?
Yes! You can choose a completely different design for your necktie/bowtie and vest. The vest and necktie do not have to match. However, all vest be exactly the same and all neckties must be exactly the same.

I received my order and now need to reorder ties but I do not need the minimum of 10.
Unfortunately each new order or reorder placed must meet the minimum of 10. Please be sure to order all ties with the initial order.

Do you offer rush orders?
Yes. We are able to offer order in less than 4-6 weeks depending on current production schedule. Approval is need prior to payment

Are there any additional fees for rush orders?
Yes. There is an additional $75 fee for rush. Approval is needed for rush orders.

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What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards & PayPal. We do not accept checks for wedding orders.

How do I pay for my order?
You can pay for your phone though our secure online website or by phone.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free with wedding packages only within the USA! Shipping is not included for pre-production swatches or samples.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship worldwide. Free shipping within the US is only included in wedding packages. Shipping and custom fees are not included in wedding package shipped outside the of the US. Additional shipping fees and customs fees will apply for orders outside of the US.

What is the delivery time for my order?
4-6 weeks if you did not order a pre-production sample. 7-10 weeks if you ordered a pre-production swatch or sample. Please see pricing page for more information detailed information on delivery.

How do I track my order?
You will receive an email with the tracking information once your order has shipped.

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Can I cancel, refund, or exchange my order?
All orders are custom made and all sales are final. We do not allow cancelations, refunds, or exchanges. Please be sure to confirm your design and details prior to submitting payment.

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