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Mail us a swatch of your wedding colors
Mail us any swatch from any store and we will match the colors.
Please include your name and invoice number (if available).

Mail Swatches to:
Design Your Tie
5962 Zebulon Road
Suite 234
Macon, GA 31210

Pantone Matching System (PMS)
We match colors from Pantone Solid Coated Formula Guide or
Pantone Wedding Guide. Visit your Local FedEx Office or print shop
to view a pantone guide.

See more information about pantone matching below.


The accuracy of color is critical in design. Because what you see on your monitor is never what will appear on fabric or a printed sheet designers need a standardized color key.

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. Though PANTONE is not the only color standardization system, it is the most widely used and the one that most printers understand. Aside from being able to have consistency, PANTONE Colors allow you to use colors that cannot be mixed in CMYK.

So it is crucial that you never view a pantone guide from a computer. These colors viewed on the computer are not a true representation of the actual colors. Actually All pantone books are printed from the same company.

Once you provide us with the pantone color we are able to view this color from our pantone guide.

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