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Custom Cummerbunds

Fabric and Dimensions

Choose between Polyester or Silk for your custom cummerbund. Feel free to request free samples from previous orders to compare fabric and quality of our products. While most custom cummerbunds are woven, you can also have them printed.


We will provide you with computer generated artwork of your custom cummerbund. To get started, please fill out our brief get started form and our designers will provide you with computer generated artwork of your desired custom tie within 1-3 business days. Include all details(colors, desired design, logo etc). Visit our idea gallery and/or portfolio page for suggestions or ideas for creating a custom cummerbund. You may also submit completed artwork.

We also accept predesigned or completed artwork prepared by other designers. Production can start directly from any image. Acceptable formats for logo and artwork are all vector, jpeg, and PDF files.

Colors Matching

If you desire a specific color for your custom cummerbunds, please provide the pantone number from the Pantone Solid Coated or Uncoated Guide. PMS colors are designed for paper ink to be placed on white stock paper. You may indicate what PMS color you would like and we will try our best to match that color (s) but we can not guarantee an exact match.

Shipping and Delivery

There is a minimum of 20 on most custom cummerbunds. Some silk printed custom cummerbund orders require a minimum of 50. Two delivery options are available for custom cummerbund orders. 3-4 week delivery or 6-8 week delivery. Click here for more detailed information concerning delivery options.

You have the option to receive a sample of your desired cummerbund prior to full production. The $99 one time setup is required to receive a sample of your desired necktie. Delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks for receiving the sample.

You also have the option to start production directly from computer generated artwork for faster delivery.